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Virtual classroom - no popups
Публикувано от Zhivko Georgiev на 12 December 2018 12:07 PM

How to go into the virtual classroom?

To enter the classroom, you need to run a file that is sent to your browser, when you click on the class link. You must click on Download, and the file will appear to your screen.

Here is how it looks on all 3 most popular browsers:

Mozilla Firefox

Internet Explorer

Google Chrome

File will need to be downloaded only one time. Next times when you go into class, it will run automatically.
When you see the yellow button, you click on it, and enter into the virtual classroom.

If you are working on Linux or MAC OS, you need to have JAVA in your browser.


If you don't have Java, you will see:
Java Plug-in is Missing or Disabled.
To join sessions easily, Java should be installed on your computer and enabled in your browser. Follow these steps:

1. Download & Install Java from the official Java web site.
2. If Java is installed, but you still cannot join the session: Enable Java in your browser.
3. After the above steps please Refresh this page.

Click on Download & Install Java -> Free Java Download -> Agree and Start Free Download – >Save File. Refresh page after installation.


How to speak:

When you are in the virtual classroom, you see whiteboard, where teacher puts material, texts, grammar etc. In the left side of classroom, you see 2 fields - upper field is a list with students and teacher, lower field is chat.

Your microphone button is in the upper left corner, over students list. When color is grey - your mic is turned off. When you click on button, mic becomes blue with red waves - this means mic is active and teacher and students hear you when you speak. You don't need to hold permanently the button - just turn it on and off with one click. You may also speak with holding the Ctrl key of your keyboard. Hold Ctrl speak, then release it after you finish.

Next to mic button you can adjust  sound level of microphone and headset.

Use Audio Setup Wizard to make more settings to your sound devices.

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